Guild Alliances
Guilds will now be able to band together into an alliance! 
This feature provides the opportunity for alliances of up to 13 guilds to contribute to each other's growth and band together for challenging tasks.
With this update, players will be able to visit allied guilds' Strongholds, take part in Alliance-wide chat, and gain benefits from their guild's spot in the alliance, based on the level of all guilds combined. 
Players may also shop at allied guilds' stores and contribute to allied guilds' coffers, if they so choose.
Read more on this feature here: Bringing Guilds Together

Sword Coast Chronicle and Campaigns Update
Two new campaigns are now available! 
The Sword Coast Chronicle campaign brings together all the other campaigns into a recommended order. 
This should make progression through post-70 content more guided, while leaving the option open to branch out for a more challenging experience.
The Benign Order of the Third Eye campaign provides a recommended flow through lower-level content, and gives the opportunity for new rewards. 
In addition, the Campaign UI has been updated to provide a recommended flow through all the available campaigns in the game.
Read more on this feature here: Sword Coast Chronicled

Known issues
Guilds who had a Gauntlgrym allegiance prior to Neverwinter: Elemental Evil, after leaving an Alliance, are currently unable to join another Alliance. 
This will be addressed in a future build.

Release Notes
Content and Environment
  • The Sharandar campaign and its related content now spans levels 64-68, reduced from 70.
  • Sharandar Campaign: The "Reinforce Protective Wards" task no longer awards Power Points. 
    They are instead given through the task, "Assist War Effort."
    • This task requires 10 of each area's currency, along with 150 Feywild Sparks, 15 Gold, and 15,000 Astral Diamonds.

Elemental Evil
  • Assaulting Blackdagger Keep: This quest no longer incorrectly claims it gives Elemental Water as a reward.
    • The same is true of the quests for Hag's Hold and Goldseeker's Folly.
  • Drowned Shore: Merchants in Distress: This Heroic Encounter now resets appropriately.
  • Feeding the Slaadi: Exiting this instance no longer sometimes causes players to become stuck.
  • Players are now properly able to acquire lore that was in the previous version of Elemental Evil.
    • Players who have already completed the new quests will retroactively receive the lore.

The Dwarven King
  • The Pwent: The second group of prospective sacrifices now properly flees when freed.

The Maze Engine
  • Lans Thuliaga's Fire Spin repel effect now properly respects control immunity on certain NPCs.

Events (Changes for future runs)
  • Call to Arms: Garrundar the Vile: The terrain in this skirmish has been smoothed out to better display danger zones (a.k.a. "splat attacks")!
  • Celebration of Lliira: Professional Fireworks no longer open the Professions UI when double-clicked.
  • Challenge of the Gods: Blessed Gift of the Gods: When the Eye of Lathander is gained from this pack, it is now given as Bound to Account instead of Bind on Pickup.
  • Summer Festival: The off-hand weapon of Sunite Dagger now properly shows up in the Petal Store and Collections.
  • Wonders of Gond: The Wondrous Blueprint is now consumed for 4,000 Refinement Points, increased from 1,800.

  • Captain Kayliss in Pirates' Skyhold is now properly immune to control effects.
  • Storm the Keep: The achievement for this skirmish no longer completes immediately upon leaving the skirmish, whether or not it's been completed.
  • The Professions vendor summoned via VIP rewards now appears in the contact dialog cutscene when speaking to her.
  • Various doors in Reclamation Rock and Upper Helm's Hold now properly have collision, preventing players from sneaking into buildings with one-way walls.

  • Certain Player versus Player queues will now allow players to enter even if fewer than the full number of players accept. 
    This is intended to increase the number of successful large-group PvP matches.
    • Gauntlgrym now allows entry at a minimum of 16 players, decreased from 20. 
      The maximum team size difference at the beginning is 1 (e.g. 8v9 or 9v10, but not 8v10).
    • Stronghold PvP now allows entry at a minimum of 30 players, decreased from 40. 
      The maximum team size difference at the beginning is 2 (e.g. 16v18, or 19v20, but not 15v18).
    • The game will continue to add players after the match begins until the maximum number of players is reached.

Combat and Powers
Classes and Balance
  • Oathbound Paladin: Oath of Protection no longer impacts server performance. 
    As a side effect of this change, it is now slightly easier to hit the cap from this passive power when receiving very small amounts of damage.
  • To bring certain movement-based powers in line with others of that type, the following powers are now disabled when the player is rooted.
    • Threatening Rush
    • Shadowy Disappearance
    • Fox Shift
    • Boar Charge
    • Bull Charge
    • Radiant Strike

  • Astral Deva: This companion's tooltip has been updated to clarify that its Active Companion Bonus triggers when the summoned companion deals damage, rather than when the player deals damage.
  • Companions can no longer enter combat while their player is on a mount.
  • Ghostly Theratra: This companion's attempts to possess friendly NPCs have now been thoroughly busted.
  • Lillend: This companion's Song of Life power can no longer be triggered while it is on cooldown. 
    This also improves performance.
  • Repentant Dragon Cultist: Acidic Stab now properly works as described.
  • Repentant Dragon Cultist: Various text issues in this companion's powers have been cleaned up.
  • Bonding Runestones now grant their combined effect in a single stack.
    • For example, if a summoned companion has two Bonding Runestones (Rank 12, 95% each) equipped, the related buff now gives the player 190% of the summoned companion's current stats.
    • This effect no longer stacks.
       This gives the effect a maximum of 285% of the summoned companion's current stats (with three R12s equipped).
  • Champion's Bulette: This mount's spawn-in effect has been reduced in size.
  • Neverwinter Champion's Charger: This mount now properly makes a sound when playing its standing jump animation.

Items and Economy
  • Demogorgon's Girdle of Might now shows the correct sigil in its Collection entry.
  • Dread Enchantment: Ranks higher than Lesser now properly refresh the entire debuff, instead of just the DoT portion.
  • Dread Enchantment: The additional damage debuff added by the Pure and Transcendent versions now properly trigger only on Critical Hits.
  • Dusk Boots packs now properly show up in the Equipment section of the Auction House, rather than the Enchantment section.
  • Mace of Elemental Fire no longer calls itself the Longsword of Elemental Fire in its flavor text.
  • Players may no longer obtain two High Forest Bears on the same character, which could result in an inventory slot being permanently held by the mount.
  • Quartermaster's Enchantment: Similar to the Dragon Hoard Enchantment, the bonus drops given by this item now reduce in frequency after a certain number of drops in a day.
  • Several minor typos have been addressed.
  • Several remaining cases of "Epic Demogorgon" have been updated to "Demogorgon (Master)" to reflect the queue's new name.
  • The buff gained by Squash Soup is no longer called Corn Chowder.
  • The Sword Coast Potion Pouch, from Sword Coast Adventures, now properly includes Superior Healing Potions.

  • Gear from the Sharandar campaign and zone is now equippable starting at level 64, and scales with the player's level.
  • Players may now purchase Gold Crescents directly from the Sharandar campaign vendor, rather than through campaign tasks.
  • The Sharandar repeatable campaign task, Assist War Effort, has been changed to award one Power Point per completion.
  • When opening the Gauntlgrym Bounty reward from the Maze Engine campaign, players may no longer choose a type of Seal if it would push them over the maximum number of that type.

  • Leadership: The "Kill Rogue Elemental" task now gives 2500 Experience, up from 500.
  • Masterwork Profession nodes (from Explorer's Charts) are no longer exploitable during the Double Profession Resources event.
  • Masterwork Profession tools may no longer be sold to vendors.
  • The "Worn Gauntlet" asset in Black Ice Shaping may no longer be sold or discarded.

  • Dusk Gloves and Dusk Boots are now available for purchase in the Trade Bar Store for 65 Trade Bars each.

User Interface
  • The Campaign window is now called Sword Coast Chronicle.

Character Sheet
  • History tab: A wave of a very specific form of magical amnesia has been dispelled, allowing all adventurers to remember their original homelands and backgrounds, rather than thinking they're from the Dalelands.
  • Stamina Regen rate now properly updates when the player gains the Underdark boon, Dwarven Stamina.

  • When the player has 0 Celestial Coins, the maximum no longer incorrectly displays as 0.

  • Strongboxes now have an appropriate background image.
  • The visual treatment has been improved for receiving a title as a campaign reward.

  • Guild Level can now be seen in searches when viewing the "Find a Guild" tab.

  • The Wondrous Bazaar now remembers the tab the player was on when they last browsed it in the same play session.

Graphics, Effects, and Animation
  • Horses no longer pop slightly during their flourish animation.
  • Interaction sparkles now show up again for certain interactive objects, such as the crates at the beginning of the tutorial.
  • Support for Razer Chroma has been updated.
    • The list of supported features now includes temporary health and damage taken indicators, an action bar meter, lit keys for dailies and artifacts when usable, and a combat color shift.

Performance and Stability
  • Another case that could lead to interrupted Queue service has been addressed.
  • Minor optimizations have been made to tooltip generation.

  • The localization pass for the Guild Alliances update is now complete for French, German, Italian, and Russian languages.

The Siege of Neverwinter will return in just one week! 
Angered by the constant setbacks suffered at the hands of Neverwinter's adventurers, the Cult of the Dragon has coordinated another assault on the city. 
With this renewed siege comes a few updates.
  • A daily repeatable quest has been added for players with Strongholds.
  • A one-time quest has been added from the Stronghold to the Siege of Neverwinter event map. 
    Completing this quest allows Stronghold vouchers to drop in the Siege of Neverwinter.
  • A new mount has been added: Neverwinter Champion's Charger.
    • This mount is Rare quality, and has one Enlightened and two Illuminated Insignia slots.
  • A new pack, Battlefield Scavenger's Pack, is now offered by the Siege Defense Coordinator for four Medals of Heroism, and can include items like Insignias and Quartermaster's Enchantments.
  • Masterwork Crafting resources can now be used in a new task to create Defense Supplies.
  • Medals of Heroism can now be purchased from the Zen Market in packs of 10, increased from 7. 
    The price remains 350 Zen.
  • Salvager Enchantment has been changed to Quartermaster's Enchantment, and can now increase in rank up to 12.
    • The packs this enchantment drops can now be donated directly to your Stronghold coffer, typically for a greater value than its contents would.
    • The quality of loot given by this enchantment has improved, and having higher ranks of this enchantment also increases the chances for further improved loot, such as Refining Stones.
  • The bonus Hit Points restored by the Champion's Battle Horn have been increased.

Release Notes
Content and Environment
  • Hourly PvP bonus events are once again active.

Combat and Powers
Classes and Balance
  • Guardian Fighter: Crushing Surge can once again apply Weapon Enchantment effects.

Items and Economy
  • Overload Enchantments once again properly decay over time.
  • Players who managed to get an Astral Diamonds dungeon completion bonus in their inventory, then ended up with a blank slot in that spot, once again have that Astral Diamonds pack in the inventory.

User Interface
  • Players can no longer open boxes or other reward packs if a currency inside would push them over the currency's cap.

Performance and Stability
  • Completing certain Elemental Evil quests no longer causes a map-wide disconnect.
  • More hitches in the Queue System have been smoothed out.

  • All: Artifact Power selection once again properly contains text.
  • German: Certain Enchantment text is now properly up-to-date.